Lichen Tower
A look into how to combat several issues in the modern city. Loneliness in residential building, helping the community of the city its in and tackling eco issues such as air quality.
Grey's Exhibition and Conference Centre
Renovation of the Grey's School of Art in Aberdeen. Converting the site to a exhibition and conference center for vising party, showcasing the achievements of Robert Gordon University.
the task of the project was to make several semi identical hub buildings on the giver site. Each hub had to be self-sustaining and construction of prefabricated timber construction, light weight and able to be put up and taken down at will. This proposal is an organic food teaching and research village.
Co-habitation + Biodiversity Study
The look into how urban environments are changing the biodiversity of out landscape and how to combat any negative effects it may have. Looking at how we are architectural designers can make a big impact to help the environment and the creatures within it. Making harmonious living between humans and nature a reality.
Material + Structure Study Concrete
A study of materials used in construction and what you can do with them. the assigned was concrete in which a chair had to be made utilizing the qualities of the material.
Bio-materials Xperience
Looking at the used of biodegradable materials to replace the likes of plastic in the production world. Task to create an acoustic panel out of a non-acoustic absorbing material. Materials is made from plant matter and bio-plastics
Graphic Design Projects
Odd projects I done in my free time practicing graphic design using the website "blankposter"
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